What is Self-Care for Moms?



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Survival vs. feeling GoodIf  you have ever felt completely stressed out and exhausted then this post is for you. Often, you go and go until you crash and burn out, or worse yet get sick. If you continuously overlook your needs day after day, it adds up. These unhealthy patterns rapidly turn into habits. practices become a way of life. and before you know it you don’t feel good in some way, shape, or form.

You and I can agree that you want to feel good in your body, with your actions, and when you lay down to sleep, your spirit is content. feeling good is a subjective experience because what makes you feel good may be sitting on a quiet beach, while someone else may see that as lonesome. The point isn’t to agree on what makes everyone feel good, that is your individual journey.

Creating the Shift

So how do you start shifting negative patterns to positive ones that really make you feel good? Self-Care is an accountability process with your Self, where you incorporate healthy practices into your day that really NURTURE YOU on all levels. Self-Care is a essential to enjoying life and feeling balanced by maintaining a sense of Self with a daily purpose.

AccountabilityYou may have heard of Self-Care as a term used to talk about supportive tools for particular people that have gone through trauma, like support groups for families with special needs children or for people who have gone through alcoholism. The reason why these support systems emphasize Self-Care as part of the healing journey is because it leads to accountability. When you are accountable for your actions, you can make changes to habits. For example, if you were an addict you need to stay committed to not using the substance that created an unhealthy pattern and caused destruction in your life.

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I believe that we all need this accountability. We owe it to ourselves, and if we want to live healthy, happy, long lives, we owe it to our bodies. We need to take care of our body by protecting it from dis-ease.

The many common ways to do this are eating healthy foods and exercising. but if someone did just those two things, would they be happy? maybe or maybe not. I’d wager to say at some point something emotional would come up, and when that happens healthy food and exercise will not be enough.

Self-Care is much more Than healthy Food & ExerciseSelf-Care is a full picture. It’s the Body and the Mind. but it’s also the emotions and the Spiritual Being. All four of these spheres need our daily attention and care.

When you can take care of yourself on all these fronts, it’s much much more possible to maintain Health. When you are healthy, you can rock out on all the other pieces of life like make money, take care of your family, and straight up – have FUN! Without Health, practically nothing is possible.

Choose Self-Care Self-Care is a conscious choice that is available to you each moment. how to respond. Where to eat. What to spend time on. who to surround yourself with. When to share. You get the picture…the whole picture!

Join me in a month for my next suggestion where I discuss the four spheres of Self-Care in detail. In the imply time, take care of yourself mama. You are worthy of it!

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