Save on All natural Sunscreens just in Time for summer

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Mom’s natural health and wellness shop and The healthy Mom’s magazine want you and your family to be safe from the sun’s harmful rays by protecting your skin with all natural sunscreen.

According to the Skin cancer Foundation, “UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. It has wavelengths shorter than visible light, making it undetectable to the naked eye. These wavelengths are classified as UVA, UVB, or UVC, with UVA the longest of the three at 320–400 nanometers (nm, or billionths of a meter). UVA is additionally divided into two wave ranges, UVA I, which procedures 340-400 nanometers (nm, or billionths of a meter), and UVA II which extends from 320–400 nanometers. UVB ranges from 290 to 320 nm. With even shorter rays, a lot of UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the earth.”

“Both UVA and UVB, however, penetrate the atmosphere and play an crucial role in conditions such as premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts), and skin cancers. They also suppress the immune system, minimizing your ability to fight off these and other maladies.”

It is crucial to use a sunscreen that will secure your skin from both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 15.

To lots of of us, tan skin indicates a healthy, out-doorsy lifestyle. However, it doesn’t necessarily indicate healthy skin. In fact, there is probably no other single aspect as destructive to the long-term strength and youthfulness of skin than the sun. Although the most immediate effects of sun-damage are endured by the surface epidermal layer of our skin in the form of sunburns and drying, over time, exposure to UV radiation can penetrate deep into the underlying dermis and negatively effect the collagen structures within (a process called photoaging). This results in an eventual reduction in skin elasticity and the development of wrinkles. In addition, the alteration of these collagen structures can weaken the tiny blood vessels that are supported within them, making the vessels a lot more likely to rupture and cause discoloration as well as decreased circulation. The truth is that as much as 90 percent of the wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin that we normally think of as signs of aging can be attributed to sun damage, this according to the the American Skin Association, a national organization for education on skin health. What’s worse, skin cancer is now the most common cancer, striking a lot more than 800,000 every year in the U.S. Which is not to say that panic is in order. While these dangers are real and must be taken seriously, diligent use of sunscreen as well as a daily moisturizer — especially one enhanced with antioxidants – capable of replenishing vital oils lost to the sun, can go a long way towards helping skin stand up to lots of of the external causes of aging.

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Healthy skin can be achieved without adding extra chemicals or fragrances. companies like Alba Botanica and Nature’s gate understand this. They also make sure their products are not checked on animals. For these reasons, Mom’s natural health and wellness shop is pleased to carry Alba Botanica and Nature’s gate skin care products and natural sunscreens. check out the links below for a lot more information on how you and your family can stay safe from the sun’s harmful rays this summer with natural and organic sunscreens. We also offer complimentary shipping for orders within the United States.

Alba Botanica sun sport Sunscreen 30 SPF


Mineral kids block fragrance complimentary Suntan Lotion


Aqua block very Water-Resistant Fragrance-Free SPF 50



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