HELPS organic Teas Was a preferred at the 2012 natural products Expo

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The natural products West trade show held on March 8-12, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention center held over 3,000 exhibits showcasing new products including assists organic Teas. This convention is the leading trade show in the natural, organic as well as healthy products industry. They had an estimated 58,000 market experts in attendance this year.

HELPS Teas comes from Pharmadus, a worldwide parent business that is a leader in health and wellness as well as wellness for over 50 years. Pharmadus brands including assists Teas; Manasul, a widely known tea essential in Hispanic communities; assists Intense, high high quality pyramidal teas; as well as Lateterazul, a line of gourmet teas featured a well-designed display booth that was a smashing success with tea aficionados as well as fellow attendees. From this success, assists Teas will be exhibiting at Expo east trade show this year.

HELPS Teas products are Kosher licensed as well as have zero artificial flavoring as well as no preservatives. They have two product lines, assists youngsters as well as assists Wellness. assists youngsters are risk-free for kids 2 as well as up as well as are designed to assist bit ones feel better. assist your bit one autumn asleep with DREAMS; offer relief for an upset tummy with bit TUMMIES, assist remove their throat with BREATHE; as well as feel refreshed with FOR REHYDRATION DIETS. The assists wellness adult line consists of organic R&R, a combination of lemon balm as well as enthusiasm flower that has a soothing impact ending restless nights; BREATHE, supports respiratory as well as sinus functions; organic eco-friendly TEA LEAVES, promotes general well-being as well as added bonuses include lovely skin as well as anti-aging ingredients; FOR low SUGAR DIETS, the sugar free response for diabetic cravings; MAKE IT EASY, does precisely as it states by regulating your bowel movements; last however not least, just FOR HER caters to women with menopause.

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My preferred assists teas are the organic eco-friendly Tea as well as organic rest as well as Relax. Both are refreshing as well as flavorful. assists organic eco-friendly Tea leaves combines naturally dried organic eco-friendly tea leaves as well as spearmint. The antioxidant properties in eco-friendly tea assists you feel much better inside as well as out since it neutralizes the impacts of free radicals. assists organic rest as well as relax combines lemon balm as well as enthusiasm flower which assists you relax as well as rest easier.

For more info on assists Teas you can see them on the internet at or see them on Twitter as well as Facebook.

*Disclosure: I got a box of assists organic eco-friendly Tea as well as organic rest as well as relax in exchange for this review. All opinions are precise as well as 100% mine.

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