101 things IN 1,001 DAYS

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and issuing myself a public challenge. here are my goals, Internets. We’ll see how lots of of them I can get through before Milo turns three.

More details on this project here: www.triplux.com/1001/otherlists.asp

My 1001 Day project ends in

1. finish this list
2. get a new hairstyle (10/7/09)
3. See all the best pictures from a single decade (11/11/07)
4. read 15 books just for fun (or book club but not parenting!)
5. excursion a factory
6. Floss each day for a month
7. schedule a mole patrol
8. get a special outfit of lingerie that I like
9. wear a sexy dress
10. clean out my closet. For real. (part of 3/2009 remodel)
11. get outrageously expensive jeans that I love (11/07 — not sure it was worth it)
12. reach a weight that I am comfortable with and stay there for three months (see how!)

13. have a weekend (two nights!) away with Alec (Ross n Karen’s wedding weekend)
14. wear a wig and surprise Alec out (Ross n Karen’s 2009 holiday party)
15. skinny dip (Summer 2008)
16. go to a drive-in movie
17. go to a play (American Idiot, fall 2009)
18. Start/finish an art project with Alec
19. Take dance lessons with Alec (swing lessons)
20. go to ten live concerts (July 2009, check!)

Family fun
21. Take kids to the circus
22. build a snowman
23. ride a roller coaster
24. Go camping (Summer, 2008)
25. find some local caves to explore
26. Fly a kite (Summer, 2008)
27. get a dog
28. create a new 101 list with the family

29. throw a kick-ass birthday party for me with no kids
30. keep in touch better with my childfree girlfriends
31. have a weekend away with pals annually (Miami with the girls, Ella’s wedding, Meggan’s wedding, SMT, BlogHer)

32. ride my bike 50 miles
33. Run 5 miles
34. Surf
35. Snowboard
36. Go kayaking
37. Go rock climbing five times
38. Go scuba diving
39. complete a small tri (Summer 2009, Mermaid Triathlon)
40. Do the swim for an Ironman

41. Leave the country once a year starting in 2008
42. Take a road trip holiday with another family
43. Take the family to Europe ”“ maybe Scotland
44. check out Cuba
45. ride a train up (or down) the California coast
46. Do a one-month family sabbatical abroad
47. Bike through white wine country (any white wine country) (9/07)

48. choose at least one month without getting anything new(2/08 – short month!)
49. sell the crap in our shed (near enough, for real)
50. try freecycle
51. try some audio books to see what I think (I think LOVE)
52. use the library instead of getting all books (Yay library)
53. Compost (2008)

54. eat at French Laundry
55. eat at Gary Danko (January 2009)
56. learn to make rice from memory (December 2010)
57. Make a signature cocktail
58. Make a chocolate soufflé
59. Make homemade jam (Late summer 2007, it was gross)
60. Make olive oil infusions
61. Roast coffee beans ”“ cover with chocolate

62. learn to knit
63. learn about the Simpsons TV show
64. research Watergate enough to describe it

65. customize my cruiser bike
66. Reupholster dining room chairs (Done by my mom)
67. knit a hat
68. Decoupage something

69. complete project 365
70. Make a family photo wall
71. Make a Polaroid transfer, frame it, and hang it
72. edit our wedding video
73. Compile a year one Holden dvd
74. Compile a year one Milo dvd
75. Compile a year two Holden dvd
76. Compile a year two Milo dvd
77. Compile a year three Holden dvd
78. Compile a year three Milo dvd
79. recover the monstermoon blog
80. recover the monstermoon photos

Family work
81. Assemble my family tree
82. get life insurance
83. get the kids passports
84. write a will
85. update and consolidate my family medical history
86. Assemble an earthquake kit for home – April 2009 as part of a disaster party.
87. work things out with my mommy ”“ or at least try (Standard issues a lot more or less resolved, new feud has started)

Home/ Garden
88. paint the office (yes, I did! in March 2009)
89. plan a backyard garden and patio (1/09)
90. plant a backyard garden (6/08)
91. plant a fruit tree or wall of bamboo(6/08)
92. grow tomatoes (6/08 but they never ripened!)
93. step to Chicago
94. build an upstairs addition on our house
95. throw a backyard party to celebrate (6/08)

96. publish a book (5/08)
97. update my linked in profile
98. update my resume
99. get a job I like (9/07)
100. increase advertising (lame but yes)
101. open a shop in our neighborhood

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